Pertinent Questions

What is the current status of the company?

At December 2015, it is in caretaker control, and untraded.

Where, from there?

Allocation of equity stakes.

Head agreements are in preparation.

PA assistance is being sought.

Initial marketplace approaches are in prospect.

What approaches?

Possible Exec and non-Exec management.


Potential JV partners.

Inviting Media interest.

Test project clientele.

What are the investment options?

Equity and fixed-return.

What exit options?

Pre-agreed settlements and share buy-ins.

Is there a Business Plan?

In draft.

A Prospectus?

Also in draft.


Profitable £7-figure JV T/O within 18 months.

Detailed projections?

Test marketplace approaches come first.

What customer base?

Consultancy output of broad relevance.

What income streams?

Micro to macro on-line.

Multiple Subscription services.

One-off client fees.

Licensing fees.

Database access rentals.

What are the operational priorities?

Initial PA assistance.

Raising the profile of the project.

Pursuit of revenue.

Those interested are invited to make Contact

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